Summer is out and so are the ants! Annoying Aunts and or ants, are marching to ruin your peace of mind! While we can’t get rid of your pesky aunt, we definitely can get rid of the ants! Notice ants colonizing in your yard, that is a red flag to call your neighborhood pest control, Genuine Pest Control!

We can schedule a technician to come at your convenience to delete those colonizing ants. If you see mounds be sure to flag them, to speed the ant annihilation process. First we spray chemical on the ant mounds then pepper it with bait. They take the bait every time, just like hungry fish!

If you have an insect service plan with us? Let your technician aware of any ant infestations. And we can cover any mounds within 30 feet of your home or business. For any hills beyond 30 feet will cost you a low $3 per anthill! Still seeing them after 7 days of your service, give us a call for re-service for no additional cost.

Don’t want ants not aunts clearing out your food supply? We will spray the active areas with treatment, then place ant bait gel in locations where are ants go and is inaccessible to your loving pets! We will cover you inside and outside your home or business. Now that is the peace of mind we can offer! Not a member contact us and visit this link;