Angry about aphids eating up your luscious garden? Being in Southern Nevada we care about are gardens considering we are surrounded by desert and a little bit of green makes up happy to see. And gives us that escape from the brown and yellow you see most places you go. They want to take that away, they will destroy your garden because they see it as an easy meal. Also they attract ants. Ants like the honey dew the aphids produce. There you go ants and aphids are everywhere!

Here at Genuine Pest Control we will keep those flying terrors… well… under control. You tell us where they are destroying your garden a technician would help in no time. After your place has been treated and the aphids are coming back, don’t worry you are covered under a two month warranty!

Lady bugs are aphids natural predators. Those could also pose a problem when they become a meal for other pest. Bringing a live actual discovery channel to you home is not actually ideal, trust me! Even if it does get that far, worry not, we can help! Please feel free to view our insect service, follow the link below.