Power Spray

Power spray your pest problems away! Unlike a lot of pest control companies, we go above and beyond. No backpack sprayers used here to get rid of your pest, no we spray a 30 feet barrier around your home or business. Not just the outside is sprayed we can also service inside your home for that double barrier. Each time a service is done at your place you are covered for a 2 month warranty.

Also, if you have extra structures on your property? As long as your structure(s) is within 30 feet of your home we can spray a 10ft barrier around it, or them. Outside of the 30 feet range we’ll give you a price on the fly. All it take a few minutes to measure the structure. Also, weeds are sprayed with a power spray as well. You can get a full property sprayed with a mixture of chemicals that kill weeds, and prevents new growth.

Don’t just get your property backpack sprayed let us us blanket your property with the Genuine protection. Rather it be for weeds or insects, or both! Interested learning more about our power spraying serviced please call, or visit the links below.