Bee swarming

We promise not to swarm you with all the Bee rated jokes! Although, harmless and great for the environment, bees can bee come a problem when they become aggressive. When you start to swinging they start stinging, and now you are singing for help! Next thing you know it you are wearing your own bee suit, well covered in Bees!

Don’t let that become a reality! Let us be your knight in white and shiny armor, at least, when wearing a bee suit. We will slay those bees with insecticide and keep spray to keep them from coming back. After the service please allow 24 hours before entering the area of the beehive. They become aggressive after treatment. The service is good for 2 months. If they start coming back give us a call and we will schedule a re-service for no additional cost.

Bee informed and read the tips below to keep them from making a home out of your home!

  • Have a green thumb? Try planting bee repellent plants such as; mint, clove, eucalyptus, neem, and pennyroyal. These plant produce scents are foul to bees.
  • Apply water and cinnamon to a squirt bottle. Dawn your bee personal protective equipment and spray it on and or around bee hives.
  • Try hanging bee traps around your home or office. Most traps are designed with a small entry hole and spacious interior. When a bee enters they stay trapped inside because the can’t locate the exit.

Now that you have been informed, stay tuned for some bee facts by visiting this link; Also, to learn more about our insect services feel free to visit this link,