Ugh… I really hate this name. Honestly it does not make any since! I mean I eat crops and snuggle up in nice soft and moist soil. I have no business in crawling in a human’s ear, I mean gross! Sure we get curious sometimes, but really you have to base our name off an old wives tale? Anyway I am Eddy the earwig, that name stems off a myth that we actually crawl into people’s ear and take over their brains.

Now thinking about that, that does not sound all to bad. Just think about it if we could do that, we can possibly rule the world and make human’s to be our puppets to grow delicious crops and pour that nice soil everywhere! Oh and then we get them to destroy any predator off to eat us. We earwigs can over populate and you know… ugh… rule the world! Yes, and then I would change our name to ruler overlord bugs. Yes that does have a good ring to it.

Honestly, we mean no harm really. We would like to destroy your garden, but we won’t harm you. And I know we look like we can pinch you to death, but that is not our intention. Also, we are not going to crawl up your brain and take over your mind. I just ask you knot to call your pest control guy that sprays that dastardly poison. I am unsure how you humans like that stuff. I mean seriously our survival is at stake! Well not really there is a ton of us everywhere around the world, there can’t be too many Earwigs though!