Hey, I have a complaint about you humans. I hate to start out so strong but I am reaching my boiling point! You humans drive me crazy with this bug control nonsense. My name is Frank the Firebrat by the way, if that even matters to you. I mean all my buddies mean you no harm, we are mainly just looking for our next meal, like anything else! Like all that glue and paper like products you have lying around, simply delicious!

Now, I am going to get to the freaking point. I want you to stop dispersing that poison around your homes!!! It makes all my buddies go nuts. I had to send little Frankie junior to the hospital because he keeps running into the walls. It is making him loony. Good thing I did not drink the crazy juice. Since Ms. Margaret caught a glimpse of us she now gets her home sprayed all the time. Now we have to find somewhere else to eat.

I suppose I have not seen the neighbors house get sprayed, maybe I will head over there. They are just moving in too so there would be plenty of cardboard or soft wood over there, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel I suppose. I oughta write them a threatening letter demanding them to spread that poison in and out there home. That will learn them. As for the rest of you HUMANS STOP THAT PEST CONTROL CRAP! This is Fiery Frank Firebrat out!