Alright, this is Genuine Pest Control here, and we are listening on two spiders having a conversation. Please if you need to speak do so quietly.

Bugsy Spider: “Hey Seven Eye Joe, Have you seen that roach that I caught in my web yesterday, I would have saved some for you, but that sucka was so juicy I couldn’t dream of letting it go.”

Seven Eye Joe: “Yeah, well don’t worry about it bug. There is plenty around seeking shelter in this warm home we are sitting in. The catching is so easy I could sit here in place and let them come right to me! Hahaha!!”

Bugsy: Yeah you’re right, I don’t feel as bad for not sharing. Seeing that these folks stopped their pest control we could just waltz in and grub on all the bugs that get caught on our webbing… sigh… life is good Joe.”

Seven Eye Joe: “Hey is that a big giant eye staring at us?”

Bugsy: “Yeah I see it, I think it’s trying stop us from living off the fat of the land! Let’s attack it with our VENOM FANG +2 Poison damage!!

Okay, we must wrap up the show, we have two angry spiders trying to come at us full speed. Stay tuned to Genuine Pest Control spy on bug conversations!