Gnat Minding BusinessYou ever wake up in the morning, you turn on on the monday news, then you pour yourself some cereal. Then when you go to take that first bite you have gnats flying in your mouth? You try to swat them away, then you either miss them or just swing them closer to your face. These pest are really annoying!

Well say “gnat today pesky gnats,” Genuine Pest Control has a solution! First, we inspect and locate the source of what is causing the gnats, including possible breeding grounds. And usually they are loitering around water and or vegetation; then we treat with insecticide, that does no harm to the plants. Having an issue outside of your home or office no problem, we will spray your structure and 30 feet out to include any plants nearby! Still seeing gnats after 7 days of us spraying? Feel free to give a call and we’ll reservice for no additional cost. This service is guaranteed for two months!

Try the tips below to keep those annoying flying pest away from you morning breakfast!

  • Break out those citronella candles, take your turn to annoy the gnats. They can’t stand the smell.
  • Use vanilla, lemon, or lavender, Though, gnats love smelling sweet smelling fruit, they can’t don’t enjoy those scents.
  • Break out those good ole fashioned bug zappers. Gnats are mesmerised by the light they fly into it almost every time.
  • You may want to consider planting plants that naturally deter them. Summon up your planting skills and try planting mexican marigold, lemon thyme, and geraniums, and lavender.

Interested in learning more about our insect services, please feel free to visit this link; Go ahead turn on your Monday news and enjoy that mouth watering bowl of cereal gnat free!