We get it everything is going up in price! To save money on expensive grocery shopping or just trying to avoid huge crowds you grow your own food in the comfort of your own yard. Little that you know that could be a very dangerous thing. You know everyone and thing is looking for food too. And one day a starving family might be eyeing your delicious garden. How you can resist a free meal right? I mean in their perspective all food grown from the ground is a gift from the heavens above.

And when we say they, we mean rats! Specifically of course. They’re the pretty threatening to your health and safety. Rats consume 20-40 pounds a year, that’s 10% of their body weight daily. As we all know they’re often carriers of a number of diseases. These disease ridden varmints are salivating of your garden, because they themselves can’t grow a single fruit or vegetable on their own. Yes, they aren’t equipped with that knowledge. Instead, they want to take yours. After all it is much easier that way.

Later, they become greedy when they can get away with it. So they seek shelter in your home. Escaping the danger that awaits in the wild. You home makes for a nice and comfy life where the food and water is abundant. Protect your garden from rats, seek pest control as soon as you notice food starts disappearing from your property. Because the longer you go without. The more the problem balloons.