Roaches in Restaurant?

Durty Roach: “Okay boys, let us go over this again, because what I am about to tell you will make your bellies happy. Tonight we attack that chinese restaurant on west street. We invade that new ice cream store on east street for desert. They don’t have pest services so we can take over with no consequences. Just easy day on the streets boys!”

Roach 1: “That is a good idea boss, and I can always go for an easy meal. They won’t suspect a thing!”

Roaches and other insects are plotting to enter your place of business, don’t let them make it easy to creep on you. Give us a call a technician will guard your restaurant or property with the toughest and safest chemical’s around, we’ll chase the roaches out so they aren’t chasing away your customers.

A technician will spray the interior of your structure ten apply a 30 foot barrier on the outside to stop them in their tracks. Once the service is performed you are covered for 2 months for any re-service 7 days after treatment.

Please click on the link for more detail, protect you business from unwanted free loading customers! Visit our contact page to view our location and contact information.