It is late at night, and wake up from a dreadful nightmare, and now half sleep you shuffle into the kitchen. Beneath your foot you hear a crunch! Still exhausted you reach in your pantry to grab those cheese snacks you been munching on for the past couple of days, then feel a tickle across your arm. Then that is when it hits you, you rush to turn on the kitchen hearing crunching noises as you make your way to the kitchen lights. Then right before your eyes, a roach sea!

Roach infestations can be a terrifying experience to say the very least.  Don’t let it get out of hand and give us a call. A skilled technician will place bait in strategic locations where your pets can’t get a hold of it. Also spray in locations where the bugs are most active. In no time those horrible roaches would be out of your site. And for the ones outside, no problem we’ll cover your home up to thirty feet.

Now the roaches that was crawling all over are now upside down instead of feasting on your food. Take advantage of our bi-monthly plan where you are covered for two months seven days after your service day. The longer you keep up the service, the less bugs you would see as time flies by. Customers who stick with us are covered for a loyalty discount. Please visit the link below for more of our service details!