Yes, yes! The day has finally come. We waited for so long for this, and the wait has finally paid off. Now I can call fourth my brethren and take over Pahrump. With all that rain that swept them away, weeds! left and right have sprouted all over the lands. Now we can come over and take over! Me Gru and all grasshoppers can come live amongst the weeds and flourish!  The weeds that spawned other insects as well so we all could eat like kings! Muahahahah!

This season, brought a lot of swarming insects and with the weather warming up, more bugs are rising through the surface. Grasshoppers and other insects are taking over your backyard. Don’t be a victim! Take back your landscaped yards, we will take care of your pest.

Ask about our swarming pest services, the service is guaranteed for two months.  And for other general insects that creep and crawl around, take advantage of our Insect services. If you are having an issue with flying insects, ask about that service. Interested in learning more about our insect service please visit the link that follows Click on the following link to give us a call to set up an appointment