Roach Eggs

It is that time, insects are scouting out areas to lay their eggs, so they could hatch in the spring. Those brown things your finding by the hot water heater, carpet or any abandoned area of your home are roach eggs. They find areas that are suitable for their eggs such, areas that are humid, near water and a location where they may find food.

While finding chemicals that dissolve the eggs are nearly impossible to find, and locating and relocating them takes forever; It’s probably better to get rid of the egg layers first. This will reduce the amount of roaches or other insects hatched during the spring. You want to start your spring off right. And yes, this will also make spring cleaning the breeze.

Ensure your property is guarded from these pest. It’s cold outside and laying eggs in the cold is not ideal. The warmest places they could find is your home. It’s near water and food, so why not? This indeed is not ideal for you, but it is to them. They are more than happy to serve you an eviction notice. Let us turn that around shall we? Give those pest the eviction notice, show them why they can’t just lay their eggs where they want to.