Pest Parade

Yes, the time has finally come! Everywhere, grasshoppers, crickets, flies, roaches, food, FOOD just raining down on our webs! Now we just have to create our webs around peoples homes and eat anything that get caught it in it. Us spiders can eat like kings. I call this plan the Pest Parade Plan. Not like we are the pest or anything.

I have to hand it to the humans to make comfortable homes that pest like to hide, and find food. It’s like a big trap in itself, all we have to do is put our webs around it and let the magic happen! The only thing that really gets in the way are those dang praying Mantis! Oh, how I despise there stick model appearance, makes me sick just thinking about them.

“Ugh boss, what about those pest guys who spray large amounts of insecticide… ” You’re right those Genuine Pest Jerks are always ruining my Pest Parade Plan. Well here it is folks, don’t call them we can protect you better than they can… Ugh, I just can’t promise you we won’t mistake you as a snack.  So please, please, I beg you don’t call them! Besides, the spider webs are a nice touch to your home.