Spring Pest

The cold winter air is sending chills through my body, I ponder around my house thinking when is spring coming. At lease I know it would warm up and I am able to start cleaning my home.

I have to go through my garage which looks like a tornado flew through it and tossed everything around. I also know that I have to clean all the windows. The winds causes dirt to pile up at my doorsteps and windows. Yes spring cleaning is going to be rough to say the least. Tough thing about it I have family coming over and they’d see that my house in it’s current condition is a complete disaster!

The awkward conversations that would bring will leave me totally embarrassed. Thinking about what is going to transpire is leaving me with the headache. And, Oh I think the worse of all is having to deal with pest… I am sure that spiders and roaches are all making homes in my boxes stored in the garage. I am just imagining going through all the stuff and a scorpion appears out of no where trying to plunge me with its stinger.

Not only the chills are coming from the cold weather, but thinking about the potential threats from pest is making me shiver.  I need pest control, and quick! But who should I call I wonder. I have been seeing ads from Genuine Pest Control, it appears they offer the great service.

I mean, they just don’t just spray around my home but they will give me a 30 foot barrier around my home, and spray the interior as well.  The interior chemicals are safe for my dog Sparky.  May be I would give them a call!