Ronny-Rodent warm welcome


If you are new to Pahrump welcome my friends, my name is Ronny the rodent, and I am writing to you to show the ropes around this town. Now there is a lot of pest control out there, but the ones I hate the most is that dang Genuine Pest Control is the dang worst! Every home I find and live comfortably for awhile those Pest guys are kicking us out!

We contribute a lot to keeping your home clean. We eat up all the messes you humans leave behind, you leave bugs, we will eat those up too. Besides between you and I it is less competition. Sure we may leave little surprises around your home, but we need that to find where we are going. To let you on to a little hint we meeses are blind and get around by sense of smell.

And after awhile you will get accustom to the smell. We have a heightened sense of smell and we aren’t complaining one bit. Back to those disgusting Genuine Pest freaks, They put delicious food on traps then CLAP! We get caught and eventually and unfortunately, poor Roger bless his soul, die! Hey, and we forgive you for calling those guys out we still eat all your left overs… Then they return and close up our entryways so we can’t come back in!

Please don’t call those guys they are the enemies of the of the rodent family. I actually beg you. This letter is getting pretty long so I will end it with this, let us into your home please, I have to admit we are pretty gosh dang hungry.

You’re friend Ronny Rodent