Rodent after your food

You know Ralphy rodent, with all this construction going on for all these home, I can’t express how happy I am. You know, with so many humans coming from who knows where, that means food food. You really gotta love the ones who grow food in there backyard! Such easy pickings! It’s funny too, they let us right in and we take all the food they’re growing back there. Grant it not all the food is delicious, but it make our bellies full.

And to really top things off, they provide the coziest of places. I have to say, the desert is so freaking hot. And, it’s nice to get out of the sun. There’s plenty of water around too, and even these oh so sweet, sweet water. My that’s freaking delicious. Let me tell you after you get full there plenty of floss around the house. Or as a matter of fact there is plenty in those transport thingy.

There are plenty of areas where we can raise a family. And it’s funny we rodent don’t have to pay a dime in rent! They provide us with free everything! Life is great… Also Cheers to the day we can rise from the sewers for food!