This spider is not your typical hero, in fact, may be your web slinging nightmare! Although scary they may be, they aren’t as bad as they look. Spiders are generally harmless. And they creep and crawl for water and food. In most cases they are on the hunt other insects, such as those disgusting flies…

We know what you are thinking, we are not asking you to adopt your very own pet spider. Although, in some ways, that may be kinda of cute. And we understand you want them as far away from your home as possible. Stay informed for our insect service and visit this link:

Even better, read the tips below, and safeguard your home from those creepy crawlies;

  • Take a stroll around your property, and look under your eaves, see spider webs? Clear them out with a broom handle and discard the webs.
  • Don’t make your home a hunting ground, keep food and water off the ground, and keep other insects away by spraying insecticide in and out your home.
  • Save your power and keep off your outdoor lights. Moths and other insects get drawn to the light and eventually die. This is a happy meal for spiders and or wasp.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices especially around windows. Replace worn windows and apply caulk on openings where wires run inside and out.
  • You may cover your air vents with mesh screening.
  • Clear any vegetation that runs too close to your home or office, for instance weeds, and shrubbery. Spiders love a nice place to cool off from the sun.

Those are some ways to prevent the scary spiders from invading your home. Let the folks at Genuine Pest Control help, you do not have to be alone in keeping your nightmares at bay. We will spray your whole property inside and out, giving you two insect barriers! Not only that, but we will spray thirty feet from outside your home or office. Visit the link above for more details!