Roca - Roach Says Hi

Momma says there’s a lot of food in the world that these big people drop, and heard that it’s really tasty most times. And these so called humans have huge homes that they keep warm year around. I also heard they drop different flavored waters too, it is funny how they make you burp too.

All this rambling and I forgot to introduce myself, I am Roca Roach. Since the weather is warming up it’s perfect for me to splore the world! I am excited for what’s to come. I will be big and stwong like my uncles and daddy with all the food available. My brothers and sisters are lazy they are just sleeping on their backs; well, just more food for me! Look out world I am coming!

Oh yeah mommy says to watch out for predators, whatever that means… There are other bugs out there out and ready to prey on the weak. We roaches are smart though we go where other bugs do not dream of going. A lot of things will turn their noses at sewers, but us roaches love it. It stays at a beautiful temperature, how I love humidity and the temperature stays nice and warm.

Did I mention that the light never reaches it, or maybe sometimes it does. For the most part it stays nice and dark. Us roaches love it. It links us to houses and other structures too, how convenient! Anyways Roca Roach out I gots lots of sploring to do! And I can’t do that talking to you guys all day.