Muahaha I mean Blah, we come to suck your blood. We hide in cracks and crevasses under your bed and other furniture. And you are definitely out numbered. We are not vampire bats, we are worse! If you have not guessed, we are the Bed bugs. And boy oh boy we love our blood meals, hence the our title the blood meal bed bug. Don’t worry unlike vampires we bite when you are fast asleep… Well… Mostly.

Anyway we make better vampires than bats, I mean come on, they always give those things the most credit. I mean, mosquitos probably suck more blood than those guys. The best thing about it is that we multiply too, and our younglings drink too. Not trying to brag or anything, When that Holloween time, or at least that is what I think you guys call it… You fear for bats, when in actuality, you should be fearing us.

Oh and yes you think you might be getting away, we’ll hitch a ride on you then hide where ever your are going. Who knows we may be hiding in you luggage. Admit it we are with you no matter what! Thank you for your blood meals, I must say! Us Bed Bugs are out to play!