The Predator

The Predators

While a lot of people love to watch the rain drip from their eaves to their windows with a hot cup of hot chocolate in their hands. Being comforted with a nice snuggly blanket. Insects are liking it for another reason. Rain leaves puddles behind so insects could drink. Weeds provide a nice shelter from Earths elements. But then something is lurking in the shadows. Watching all the bugs roam freely through Earth’s warm surface.

Something so sinister the thought of it makes your skin crawl. And makes you paranoid beyond all reason. And they watch and wait preying on the oblivious insects trying to survive. They are the predators! Yes, Scorpions, Centipedes, Spiders you name it. And they are in the dark and dank recesses of your home. Places you don’t think twice about.

They are using your home as a hunting ground. They know that the little insects go there, and well, honestly if you were a bug would you try to seek shelter in ones home. I mean come on, theres food water and on top of everything else there is entertainment. The predators are quite smart to use your home to prey on the weak. After all, everyone and everything has to eat. Just one simple call could prevent all this chaos. Stop letting insects and the likes from using your home as a hunting zone. Because it is not. They are built to provide you shelter and comfort. You worked hard for it, keep it free from free loading pest.