Ants Marching

Are ants making you do the Boogey Dance? It is almost ant and termite mating season that water sure make them want to get it on. If ants are colonizing in your yard stop them before they take over your home.

Have a service with us already? Once your service comes up please let your technician know where you are seeing ant then they will have no problem taking care of that greedy colony.  And if you have a service coming up, please be sure to mark the ant hills and or holes. They generally hunt when the weather is cooler. Otherwise they stay in their homes when it gets too hot. Follow the ant trails, and see where they’re coming from. We want your ant problems gone, so please help us help you.

If you have ants attacking your kitchen we have a solution for that. We bait effective are with ant bait and spray a chemical that spreads on contact. Ants touch each other in their colony the chemical spreads from one onto the other. And the ants are bringing the bait to the colony. Talking about a double whammy! New customer? again please let us know what problems you are encountering.