No, I am not from that cartoon movie with the wooden puppet, I am not purple. And most importantly I am not that friendly! I like any other insect eat food, and live life. My name is Jimmy Cricket. I hear complaints everywhere that people hate our music. Also, that we get very loud wah wah wah! Well, I am here to tell you I don’t care! We are going to get as loud as possible. You want to go to sleep? Well, too bad! us crickets will irritate you all night.

I don’t want to hear y’all complaining so much! You think I like hearing your TV’s, baby crying, instruments, loud music!? No I don’t, it’s annoying. I don’t want to hear all that! I have another thing coming for you annoying humans, you’ll see…

Crickets are annoying you at night that simply won’t shut up. We’ll take care of them and all their little friends. That way you can sleep easy at night. Let the crickets find somewhere else to play their nauseating tune. However, they are intruding in your home, with out any invitation. Your home is your home not a band rehearsal facility for crickets. Get your home protected with our chemical and ask about our bait.