Scorpions Ready to Pinch

You are going to the garage at night to fetch that box of photographs of you and your family, and then you make that first step across the threshold you step on a scorpion or scorpions! Before your foot has landed on it the scorpion drove it’s stinger into you! Don’t be a patient waiting in line to go to the emergency room.

Here in Nevada the scorpions don’t take kindly to us town folk, here at Genuine Pest Control we will drive them out! A technician could be at your door step at your convenience. We will power spray your home and any structures you have within thirty feet of your home! If you want to add structure that are outside thirty feet of your home or business, no problem we can give you a price right on the fly! We also spray inside of your structures with a pet safe chemical.

Because who wants to walk around with a black light attached to your hands. Paranoia could enter into your nightmares, that’s enough to send shivers down your spine. Interested in learning more about scorpions follow this link:

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