Summer is out, kids are playing in the pool, and you are setting up for that great outdoor BBQ; and then, out of nowhere, wasp are flying from the depths of your roof tops. Thanks again Mr. Wasp, you have ruined the day again! Don’t let wasp ruin your summer; here at Genuine Pest Control we got you covered. After our technicians locate the nest, we spray it and remove it. It is common for wasp to have multiple nest at a time; we will spray all eaves and thirty feet around your home to prevent those rascals from rebuilding. And if they come back within 2 months of us spraying, don’t worry, we can can come back for a re-service for no additional cost.

Stay on patrol, take a walk around your home and look up under the eaves. Wasp generally construct their homes in those areas. The list below are some proactive steps you could take to keep them from making a home out of your home.

  • Grow strong scented plants, wasps tend to veer away from plants like fresh mint, cloves, and ground coffee.
  • Keep your food and drinks covered, don’t give those wasp a reason to stay. At the site of food and water, in no time, they are coming for your home.
  • Hang traps containing sugar and water, they fall for it most times!
  • Save on electricity, and flip off those lights. Light will attract insects, and wasp that eventually prey on them.
  • Burn citronella candles, these candles aren’t romantic for wasp. In fact, they drive them away. This technique will also drive away other insects.

You worked hard to keeping up your yard! Don’t let the wasps chase you back indoors. Give us a call now or visit