weeds and insects

Don’t be a victim! Make next year be a weeds and insects free. Well at least when it comes down to your property. Seems like every year mother nature is creating new homes for bugs, by sprouting weeds everywhere. Not only that, you allergies start to set in and you just can’t stop sneezing.

If you’re outside be aware, don’t grab those flimsy slippers, a lot of weeds in Nevada are spiny. And these things we call goat heads will stick¬† right through that flimsy slipper. To reiterate from past blogs, they suck the life out of your garden. As we all know the bugs they bring are the worst part! Yes ants, grasshoppers, crickets, and scorpions love the shade it brings. Makes for a comfy home.

The insects aren’t worried about the goat heads either. It mainly affect us humans with larger feet and inability to see them. Downright, weeds are just plain awful! Make sure you are on the call list for next year weed service. Yes, starting mid February you can get your home or property sprayed for weeds and insects. And once those pesky weeds are gone, be sure to set up your insect service as well. Since your destroyed their hiding places, they will seek shelter in your home.